Dishing with Laura - Spring

Spring. A time of renewal. A time of life returning to the earth. A time to remember what it is like to go outside and feel the sun on your face.
Spring is all those things to us at Cowboy’s, but it also time to reinvent ourselves. A seasonal business like ours, on an island that has some of the world’s most trend-conscious and food-savvy residents and visitors, needs to take a hard look in the rear-view mirror of last year while steering the menus and offerings to the upcoming season. Every year is a chance to be new and fresh and exciting, and we take this challenge seriously.

So, what can you expect at Cowboy’s in 2018? Perhaps the biggest change for many will be the return of made to order sandwiches and salads. Every day last summer we got at least one, often many, inquiries for sandwiches. And while I don’t necessarily believe the universe always clearly reveals your best next moves, in this case, it would be darn foolish to ignore all those phone calls and walk-ins. As I began talking to islanders and friends and family about the return of sandwiches, I got impassioned pleas for made to order salads, as well.
We are expanding our entertainment trays business beyond last year’s cheese trays, to include veggie and dips, fruit, Mediterranean, shrimp cocktail, deli meats and sliced cheeses, and charcuterie. This should make the summer so much easier for so many people: be spontaneous and invite friends over, we can have all your food (and wine!) ready fast and delivered to your door (or boat, or beach towel).

Other exciting changes include this shiny new website, replacing our truly terrible former site. We will be tweaking our site as the summer progresses, this should be much easier now that our designer is Marquis Creative, based here on Nantucket.

And this last change was a tough decision, but necessary: we will be closed on Sundays (except for May 27, as we are closed on Memorial Day, Monday, May 28). For 14 years I have worked every single day from mid-April to mid-September. I haven’t been to the beach or spent enough time with family and friends, or gardened, and oh, the list goes on—and this has all taken a toll. This year, Sundays, like Spring, will be a time of renewal. A time to remember what it is like to go outside and feel the sun on my face.

Laura McCloskey
Founder and Owner of Cowboy’s